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Making LIMS system for laboratories that conduct tests of materials and construction work in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 standard. LIMS includes all processes in the laboratory, of orders and contracts, through sampling and testing to production test reports for certain test methods. Fully ensure quality control of the laboratory, control of test equipment, personnel management, resource management, document quality system and nonconforming work.

With the introduction of LIMS and laboratory achieved:

  • Automate daily, routine procedures
  • Standardization of laboratory procedures carried out by introducing appropriate catalog (procedures / analysis methods, measurement units ...)
  • The introduction of the traceability of all procedures
  • Facilitates communication between participants (interlaboratory, within the organization, external)
  • Allows integration with measurement instrumentation
  • Establishes security mechanisms
  • Compliance with international standards and recommendations (ISO 17025)