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Characteristics of our solutions

Our software solutions are mostly custom made for our clients.Our approach is result of business experience, which we gained working in various business environments, participating in the processes of designing, planning and implementation of information systems.Our deliverables are scalable, modular and adoptdable to existing systemsOur experience in corporate environments brings understanding of client's business needs.We understand requirements of the business and we deliver solutions in regard to business demands.

About projects

In the very beginning, client defines the Scope of the project, together with goals. Objectives of engagement are discussed and agreed. Our Approach is communicated and discussed to client. If needed, Gap analysis is done.Client defines project plan, and we assist if needed. Phases of the project and deliverables are defined, together with resources, timelines, and defined deliverables of each phase. TImelines and project phase milestones are defined and communicated.

Project methodology vary depending on client's needs. Key factors of success and key performance indicators are defined by the client, and we participate if necesarry.An effective quality management plan is made and quality metrics are agreed.Risks are evaulated by the Client.