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Application development

We have done a lot in various fields of business. Our team is capable to develop apps with high level of complexity. We have made our clients' everyday working activities much easier and simpler. Business applications that we have done in past are developed in collaboration with client's staff, mostly with key roles and responsibilities. On the other hand, we have done many smaller applications and web sites, for SMEs.

We now have more than 10 year of experience in delivering large solutions based on following works and technologies:

  • Developing projects from the scratch, clients request analysis, developing data model in align with business requirements, business processes analysis,  consulting clients regarding business process optimization
  • Business process redefining and optimization; automation of existing processes for various business domains;
  • Application development and document management system implementation, adopting  and optimization of business process using document management system and business process management together with  information systems development 
  • Providing consulting services for customer development teams regarding development issues on Microsoft technologies  (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services development, Component-based development, OOP, Application Integration, SQL Server data management, SOA, general programming, BPM, Workflow, Sharepoint itd.)
  • Developing multitier application framework built on .NET client technology with SQL Server database (custom UI layer controls, integrating 3rd party controls, responsible for client UI design)
  • Customizing a finance based reporting application developed in .NET with Oracle database
  • Application securitization, vulnerability analysis, compensating controls testing, penetration testing, vulnerability reports, hands on testing of issues reported in vulnerability report
  • Project management

Our main focus is to provide clients with custom made software solutions created as a result of a well governed process, tailored to their needs and focused on capturing and implementing their business processes.

We are also skilled in providing our expertise as a resource in projects designed and developed by customers in their own environment.